EvMak (T) LTD is a fast growing ICT firm situated in Tanzania. It is your solution to all ICT nightmares you may have starting from web development, mobile application solution all the way to hard wares. It offers a wide range of services whereby one is to except nothing but excellence from the services rendered.This is facilitated with the fact that EvMak only hires the very best IT experts to join their team of specialists. This is by far NOT your average, everyday IT specialists.

Research and Monitoring

Our Technology Gives Reasearch and monitoring a new face as its able to capture more than questionaries and simple analytics.

System Development

Development Team offer a Corporate and Rich developments to our clients without forgetting an onsite support and maintainance.

System Integration

In this decade everything need to be connected we offer integrated solutions to your app connected to devices, Database, public data, and much more.

Branding and Design

Every Solution must come with a unique and beautiful branding to make the product one of the best, our Branding department will have our back.

Real Time Notifications

Using integrated service deliveries, your application can send out real time notifications via Bulks SMS, Push notifications and much more.

Cloud Storage and Hosting

We provide and manage dedicated server to host your applications. On this decade this should never be your headache.

In Online Marketing


In Online Marketing / Software Development

Send SMS

In Software Development

Kifimbo Man Game

In Creativity & Design / Website Design


In Research and Data Collection / Software Development

Research and Monitoring

In Research and Data Collection / Software Development


In Creativity & Design / Website Design


In Creativity & Design / Website Design